EP ‘Lost and Found’ – Judith van Drie

Jaa, je hebt mijn EP in huis! Nice, ik hoop dat je er blij mee bent. Speciaal voor jou een video!

Meer willen weten van mijn muziek? Je helpt me enorm door me te volgen op…

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My hands are numb and I can’t breath

You’re my love but I can’t tell this burden that I carry

For God how long now?

Endless thoughts, running tears, regrets

and unsolved fears in my head

Still loved by you so dearly

And I can’t let you come near me

I’m a bit lost – can not find you

I’m losing my dreams, they slip through my fingers

Darkness surrounds my empty mind and I

have to find my way back

Help me, help me find my way back

Carry, carry me through this endless storm

This maze is surrounding me

I’m a bit lost – can not find you

And I, can not find you any more.

Open Up

You can not break something without regret

You can not move forward without starting over

You’re walking in the kitchen, your eyes are so damn cold

Why don’t you cry? Why don’t you cry?

When the rain is pouring down on your head

And your lungs can not take another breath

Why don’t you come to me? (2x)

I can not watch you lose this fight

Open up your heart for me, let me in

Hug me, rest your head on my shoulder

Your eyes are so damn dark

Why don’t you cry? Why don’t you cry?

If you could only change your view, if your eyes could see new

What would you do? What would you do?

If your eyes could see things new, What would you do?

What can I do? To fix you?


Your many different colors, flowing waters in canals

Citylife must go on, from dusk ‘till dawn

Rosy cheeks and glazy eyes, absorbing with a wine

In the park in the summertime

Diversity and honesty. Energy, place to be

Chaos chaos all the way, no place where I would rather stay

than my hometown Amsterdam

My comfort and my everlasting bliss

The city for the homeless and the rich

The student, the tourist, the Amsterdam Forest No I would never give you up

Narrow streets, alleys and squares. Houses with on top tiny stairs

Dancing, drinking, kissing, laughing and all that jazz

With everyday something new that I discover about you

Two lips and a hug For my sweetheart, Amsterdam.

I would never give you up


Wake me up, I don’t want to fall asleep

The daylight is marching in,

shades of gold are filling up the room.

I want to see your beauty, kiss your soft sweet lips

Don’t let me fall asleep, put your arms around me

Oh, on this Sunday morning,

Softly breathing down my hair, makin’ me warm.

Oh, let this moment stay forever

I feel so good when I’m with you, never leave my side.

I look into your eyes and there’s nothing to fear.

Nothing seems to matter anymore, when you’re here

My love let’s stay together, us against the world

Until we’re old and grey

All the sorrows in the world seem so far away

When you’re with me

Wake me up, I don’t want to fall asleep.

The daylight is marching in, put your arms around me.

Smell the Roses

An old crooked smile, not much time left

Waiting for God to bring her home

She looked at me, with nostalgia in her eyes

Stroked my hair and said:

‘Don’t miss out on life, don’t miss out on love.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Oh, I know I did.’

She said: ‘Don’t forget to stop and

Smell the roses, smell the roses, smell the roses

All your life’

Time has nestled in her eyes, time has nestled in her hands,

A wrinkled skin and a slender silhouette,

But an inner strength, a victory

This old lady, bold and brave, still a child in His eyes

She said: ‘Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses,

smell the roses, smell the roses, all your life’